Enhancing building facades found in the Middleville DDA district

DDA Façade & Sign Grants

The Village of Middleville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has determined that a portion of the revenues collected by the DDA should be used to enhance the building facades found in the Middleville DDA district. The DDA Downtown Development and Financing Plan, adopted in 2001 and amended in 2013, includes a Downtown Development District – Building Façade Program.

The appearance of individual buildings, storefronts, signs, alleys, window displays, parking lots, and sidewalks establishes the visual character of the downtown and plays a major role in the marketing success of the business district.

The purpose of the façade improvement grant is to encourage improvements to primarily commercial facades but is also available to residential properties visible from the public right-of-way. The grant money is intended to provide financial incentives for quality façade development that goes above and beyond regular maintenance and upkeep.

It is also the intent of the program to strengthen the economic viability of Middleville’s DDA district by improving the exterior physical appearance of buildings. The public perception of the DDA district has a great deal of influence on its economic success. By improving its physical appearance, the DDA district will have a much greater potential for attracting and retaining business, as well as creating an image of strong economic health and vitality.